During the times there has been several hundreds of different accessories for Volkswagen. Since the beginning, Volkswagen was a cheap, powerless car without any equipments like American cars. In the late 40's and early 50's, several, mostly German manufacturers started to produce different accessories for VW. The most common accessory in generally for car was radio, and more about them in "Vintage Radios" - site.

But, there was also need for such items as tuning, chrome, comfort parts etc. Little companies was founded just to manufacture Volkswagen accessories, and big companies started rapidly to produce them also. Some, mostly all, of those parts are very rare, wanted and expensive today, such as Judson, Hazet, Okrasa, Kamei, Albert, Hella, Bosch, Beck, Dehne, Blitz, Eckel, Franke, Helphos, Herkules, Huma, Ingenia, Motometer, Petri, Swf, Wolf etc...

There really is hundreds of different accessories, and I am not going to show you everyone, just a little bit... I think that there has also been lots of accessories that have been forgotten, and nobody remebers them any more. But, here is some, and sorry, site is still under constuction. Just now here is only few manufacturers introduced, but at least those manufacturers mentioned above will have their own sites soon.

If you will find mistakes, or you know or have photos about accessories which are not shown here, please tell me.

Story and photos by:
Mikko Heikkilä
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