Beautiful '64 Karmann Cabriolet, production
date, 07.01.1964, left factory on 13.01.1964,
delived from Hamburg to São Paulo, Brazil, in a
French boat Lennec, arrived 05.02.1964.
Chassis code 6082075, engine number 8254141,
color L 360 Sea Blue. The first owner of this
cabrio was VW of Brazil (from Feb64 to Nov70).
From Nov 1970 to Jun 1985 it stayed with the
second owner and from Jun 85 to Jan 99 with the
third before I purchased it. Joe Macedo, Brazil.
'57 Karmann Cabriolet, owner
Bengt Holmén, Sweden
Beautiful '52 Cabriolet,
owner Klaus Jacobsen, Denmark
Split cabrio from Sweden
Zwitter cabrio from Sweden
'53 Karmann cabriolet, Finland