Jyri's '60 Rothmans-naca-panel

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Story and photos by: Jyri Erämaa

Rothmans Racing, Shell, Bilstein, Slugsracing, even Mobilisti...
I bought the bus 1,5 ago, and it was in quite rough stage, but working... It had couple of owners that didnt quite do anything with it... When we went to sweden with Mika Särkelä, from the same club with his 66 bus, and in sweden Jussi Jyränkö asked if im gonna take the damn bus, and payed 1/4 of the price of the bus, and promised the rest in two weeks... I fell in LOOOOVE when I went to pick it up, it was just what I wanted.

Check out Jyri's jacket!
I drove with the bus for a while, but suddenly the engine starved of oil. So I let it stand for a while, and a year was passing by when we finished our flat repair... After that we needed to fix the bus for a long trip to belgium. We drove with it 2100 kilometers from Rostock to Brugge and during the trip we visited the Wolfsburg museum. We had ms. An Herremans and all her stuff as a gargo.... allmost 1000 kilos, but the bus was working just fine. After the trip the bus has been in every-day use, participating also some WCA meetings and cruisenight´s... shame that it is SOOO HIGH!

No extra windows here... Just the naca-scoops. Jyri's first vision that he created over a year ago. Can't we just say: "a dream came true".
Well, this might be the only 60 panelvan with naca-scoops? But this new style is only the beginning of the race style -metamorphosis... The turboengine and slammed suspension is the next thing and i have loads of sick ideas in my mind. But because i have lots of work, they sometimes take some time to happen...

We painted the bus with rollers and some brushes with M. Heikkilä, in the night time in Esso gas station...cool? you bet!

Many thanks to following people about this project: Kirsi, my wife (about the nerves...hehe), Musse, Sumo, Mikko, Kaide, Jussi and Jyrki (for the blue paint), and all the people that has ever helped me... Especially the little girl An in Belgium (and the family) because without the trip, the bus would be laying in the garage, if i know myself....

78 x 90,5 with engle 110 cam
kennedy 1700 clutch (will use a copper clutch)
full flow system with coolers and filtters.
valve heads allmost stock
Blowthrough turbo package with weber 45mm carb with dual filters
wastegate x-brand
3 " exhaustpipe

Ok, this is one way to go... This car is far away from original, and maybe you are thinking: "what a hell is that car doing on this site!". I just like the vintage-style advertising paintjob and I was also one of those idiots who painted it one night...
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