My '63 winter-Standard

"Featured car of the month"

Story and photos by: Mikko Heikkilä

My first Old School...
I just needed a car for daily use in winter-time. I thought to buy old Mazda etc., but then I found out that it would be very nice, after many years, to drive a bug at winter...

Some patina... (scracthes, dents...)
I found this rusty dented '63 standard for reasonable price, and it really wasn't good one. So I decided to build it for winter-use (there is much salt on the roads at wintertime, and cars become very rusty).

I slammed the front end about 10cm, chosed Empi 5-spokes (not genuine ones) as wheels with Michelin 135-15 stud tires up front and Continental 185/65-15 studs back. Original Talbot Racing mirrors on both sides and t-bars.

Original standard steering wheel, old VDO rev counter, oil temp gauge and fuel gauge. And cow found by Heeba. I forget the original 30hp 1200 engine, and added little bigger ond with dual Dellortos, almost stock heads and cam, 009 distributor :)

When I bought it, it was in quite poor shape...

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