Hazet Tourist toolkit (1951-)
One of the most wanted items for classic Volkswagens is Hazet Tourist tool kit, introduced first time in 1951.
This round tool kit fitted to spare tire, and included at first 11 tools, and later 12 tools. Manufacturing those tool kits continued to late 60's. Hazet manufactured tools for other use also, for example toolkits for Mercedes-Benz and tool carrier for mechanics. The Hazet Assistent tool carrier was even available as special edition for VW-mechanics.
Very early 11-tool Hazet Tourist tool kit ad, thanks to Carsten Reeder. Very early 11-tool Hazet Tourist tool kit ad.
Very early 11-tool Hazet Tourist tool kit ad, thanks to Carsten Reeder. Very early 11-tool Hazet Tourist tool kit ad.
First (1951) modell 11-tool Hazet Tourist tool kit for 16 First (1951) modell 11-tool Hazet Tourist tool kit for 16" wheel.
'58 Hazet sales brochure. '58 Hazet sales brochure.
Page about '58 Hazet sales brochure, Hazet Tourist tool kit. Page about '58 Hazet sales brochure, Hazet Tourist tool kit.
Page about '58 Hazet sales brochure, Hazet Assistant tool carrier. Page about '58 Hazet sales brochure, Hazet Assistant tool carrier.

Following Story by: Jozsi

Some years ago I was able to acquire an empty Hazet tool box. Being eager to restore the toolbox to its original condition, I started searching for information on its history and contents. I spoke to many toolbox owners, had several contacts with HAZET in Germany, I also learned a lot of details from the Dutch impor-ter of Hazet, and I also read all the articles and old sales-material on the tool-box that I could track down.
As it turned out, most VW enthousiasts know about the existence of these boxes, but only a very small minority is familiar with the details. For this reason I would like to share my present knowledge on the Hazet toolboxes with all readers.


The Hazet box was manufactured by Hermann Zerver GmbH & Co KG in Remscheid (Germany). Hazet is the German phonetic pronunciation of the two initials of the name Hermann Zerver. The toolkit, which fitted into the sparewheel, was painted in grey, and was produced between 1950 to the late 1960's. During that time a variety of models were introduced on the market.
The boxes had either the 'VW' logo on the lid or the 'Hazet tourist' logo. The boxes with the VW logo could only be ordered through the VW dealers; Volkswagen never allowed any other company to sell accessories with the VW logo. The Hazet Tourist boxes were to be ordered through sales agents of the Hazet company.


The contents of the boxes changed over the years. Thus far, I have seen at least 6 different configurations. The first box in 1950 consisted of 11 pieces:
. a large screwdriver, no.: 811-9
. a medium screwdriver, no.: 813-2
. combination pliers, no.: 1850-6
. double ended spanner 10 x 12, no.: 450
. double ended spanner 7 x 9, no.: 450
. double ended open wrench no.: 605-14
. ring spanner 36mm, no.: 561
. waterpump pliers, no.: 760-3
. wheel nut tool, no.: 772
. sparkplug tool, no.: 764
. socket wrench T-bar 14mm, no.: 527 or 2527
The early box were lined with a blue felt liner. Later types were covered with a material resembling blue velvet, which was 'sprayed' onto (including clips) the inside of each box.
The inside of the lid showed a transfer with a drawing of the actual tools in the box. Some people claim that the transfer did not always correspond to the contents of the box. It is possible that the transfers were vere updated.
The tools were made with a finish of chrome vanadium and all were stamped with the Hazet trade mark.
In 1951 a small phillips screwdriver (no.: 814-2) was added to the box, while the ringspanner changed from one ended 36mm to double ended 21x36 mm (no.: 2561) in 1956. The contents of the box changed more profoundly in 1961; the number of the combination pliers became no. 1850-2, the double ended spanner 7x9mm was changed into 7x8mm. A second double ended open wrench was introduced (605-13). The socket wrench T-bar 14mm ((2)527) was withdrawn. The screwdrivers, as well as the wheelnut tool, the double ended spanner 10x-12mm, the sparkplug tool, single pliers and the ringspanner remained the same.

The type 3 tool boxes

In 1965 or 1966 Hazet developed a special toolbox for the VW type 3 series (VW 1500 limousine, the VW-Variant and the Karmann Ghia 1500). The interior of this box was very different from the boxes described earlier. This box contained 14 different tools, as listed below:
. a large screwdriver, no.: 811-6
. a medium screwdriver, no.: 813-2
. a phillips screwdriver, no.: 814-02
. a phillips screwdriver, no.: 814-3
. combination pliers, no.: 1850-22
. double ended spanner 7x8, no.: 450
. double ended spanner 9x11, no.: 450
. double ended spanner 10x14, no.: 450
. double ended open wrench no.: 605-13
. pliers, no.: 760-3
. wheel nut tool, no.: 772
. extended sparkplug tool, no.: 2505
. contact file, no.: 2125
. oilplug tool, no.: 2567

Availability of the tools

Before you become the proud owner of an empty Hazet toolbox, I would recommend to consider the following. Over the years almost all tools changed or even disappeared from production. To my knowledge, some tools still are in production in their original or only slightly modified form. These tools are the double ended open wrench no.: 600-14, the double ended spanners 7x8 and 10x11 no: 450, the contact file no.: 2125 and the combination pliers with a different number: 1850-2. None of the other tools is now available from Hazet factory in Germany. However unlikely, your national Hazet importer might just have one of the older tools in stock. Reproduction tools or NOS tools are offered by various suppliers in the UK, the USA and Germany. Apart from several differences, most of them share the incredibly high prices. It will pay you to check the prices of different suppliers. Beware of suppliers who falsely claim to have the original tools in stock, but offer the current series Hazet tools which do not belong to your Hazet box. They often obtain these tools from their local Hazetsupplier and then sell the tools at much higher price.
In case you decide to buy an empty or incomplete Hazet toolbox, I would like to give the following advise. Be patient and and don't try to complete your box within an instant. Take your time, have a good look at flea- and swapmarkets, consult all your VW friends and I am convinced that you will find most of the tools you need. It took me 1 1/2 years to find most of my tools and I never paid more than $15 for each tool.

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