Judson Supercharger (1954-)
One of the most rare items for fifties' and sixties' Volkswagen is a Judson supercharger, mechanic charger positioned between carburettor and manifold.
The charger was available at first as a 30hp model and later in sixties' also as a 34hp model. The supercharger kit includes of course the charger, aircleaner, crankshaft pulleys and pulley belts, Marvel oiler, throttle linkage, air jet and stronger fuel pump spring. In 1957 Road&Track tested Judson-powered beetle and acceleration 0-60mph time cutted in 18 seconds (without Judson 28 seconds) and the horsepower increasing was almost 50%.

NOS 30hp Judson!!! Owner: Richard Tricker, England
30 hp Judson. 30 hp Judson supercharger added to very nice oval, owner Ulf Kajser, Sweden.
Road & Track tested 30 hp Judson in 1957. Road & Track tested 30 hp Judson in 1957.
50's Judson ad. 50's Judson ad.
Judson ad, 8/57. Judson ad, 8/57.
Judson supercharger installation instructions. Judson supercharger installation instructions.

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