Stored in barn, somewhere in
Finland, black all-original '54 oval.

'57 oval, Finland.

Beautiful, loaded '55, owner
Jaakko Salovaara, Finland.

'56 oval.

'55 sunroof, owner
JUST BUGS, Finland.

JJ COOL L racing team '55.

1956 oval ragtop, owner
Jyri Erämaa, Finland.

Very nice 1956 oval, owner since
1975: Richard Golen, USA.

Beautiful 1954 oval, owner
Fabien Sieber, Switzerland.
1957 oval, Helsinki, Finland.
Unbelieveable '53 oval with
LOTS of accessories,
owner Carsten Reeder.

Beautiful 1957 oval from New Zealand,
and very nice trailer...
Beautiful unrestored '56 oval,
owner Andrew Frood, Australia.

Beautiful '54 Oval, owner Göran Thulin, Sweden
All original, unrestored '56 oval,
owner Luis Guarch, Australia
Wonderful oval sunroof,
owner Richard Tricker, England.

Late oval
Horizontblue '57 Oval, owner Kalle Kumpu
Late Oval
Black late oval, seen in Helsinki
Late oval in Helsinki at night
Late oval sunroof
'57 oval, owner Tommi Lempinen