Vintage Radios

The most common and most wanted accessory for Volkswagen in fifties and sixties was a car radio. During the times there has been several manufacturers, producing hundreds of different radio models. The most famous producer of car radios has for ages been German Blaupunkt, which still offers new car radios to today's cars. Other well-known manufacturers are for example Telefunken, Becker, Philips, etc.

I've collected fifties and early sixties car radios since 1990, and my collection includes today about 100 units. I really do not know about every different vintage radio, maybe hardly about half of them, and I'll think that nobody is able to say: I know them all. Because there is so many many different models...

I have added here some info about radios I have, and about radios I know. There has been two main types of radios for Volkswagen;
First one was planned for split dash, fitting type 1 VW's from 1938 to october 1952 and type 2 barndoor deluxe's from 1951 to march 1955.
The later fits oval dash, from october 1952 on, and all type 2 from march 1955 to august 1966. This model radios were also added to split windows and barndoors with special mounting bars.
With bigger faceplate the later radio fits also to later type 1 dash from august 1957 and type 2 from august 1966.
The later radio could also be added to split-model dash with special faceplate.

Every brand has its own site, and if you have vintage radio in your car, you must also have vintage antenna, and there is also some knowledge about them in "antennas" -site.

If you have, or you know about vintage radio that isn't shown here, please send me photos, or even tell me about it.

Story by:
Mikko Heikkilä

Special thanks to:
Brad Clausen, Brad's VW Radio Repair and Sales
Tero Virta, Tero's V-Dub Site
Jim Buys

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Klaus Jacobsen, Strictly Vintage VW's
Pasi Hakala
Mikko Heikkilä
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