Black Kunika horn clock
for 55-67 Transporter.
Very rare mirror-clock, has been sold for
only a short period at 1953/1954. Photo by
Carsten Reeder, check out his great website,
Carstens Classic Volkswagenpages.

Split amperemeter.
Photo by Carsten Reeder.
Old enamel VW cuff-links.
Photo by Carsten Reeder.
VDO fuel gauge for split window.
Photo by Carsten Reeder.
Kamei Aerofix spoiler.
Photo by Morten A. Lund.
Fulton vent wings.
Photo by Morten A. Lund.
'39 KDF sales brochure.
Photo by Morten A. Lund.
Foxcratf fender skirts.
Photo by Morten A. Lund.
Kaco working light from early
50's. Photo by Morten A. Lund.
Philips work light from 60's.

Steering lock for split-window bug.

VW Dealer badge, Autohaus Walter von
Hoff. Photo by Jere Tapio, Finland.
VW Dealer badge, Autohaus Schweinfurt,
Kurt Full. Photo by Jere Tapio, Finland.
Accessory front light protection
nets, photo by Jere Tapio, Finland.
Rare Motometer accessory gauge set.
Owner JJ COOL L, Wasa, Finland.
Motometer fuel gauge, photo by
Jyri Erämaa, Finland.
Our Hazet Assistant, in very
good condition.
Bulb kit, original VW accessory.
Cigarette lighters for split window.
50's Philips work light.
NOS in box, Austi accessory semaphore
switch for split window.
Early 50's spot light,
mounting to interior mirror arm.
Some grooved and later,
SWF and SHO semaphores.
Late 40's accessory Tachometer !!!
Owner Carsten Reeder, Germany.
VDO Tachometer,
owner Carsten Reeder, Germany.
120km/h speedo with trip,
owner Carsten Reeder, Germany.
Late 40's speedo,
owner Carsten Reeder, Germany.
NOS ski rack, mounting to rear air
intake, owner Jim Buys, USA.

Brown Marchal Girofar spot light,
just like same than Helphos.
6 litres spare wheel fuel can for
1960 and earlier beetles.
Moto Meter Oil gauge NOS in box,
owner Allan Wind, Denmark.
Akkord Autotransistor in excellent
condition, owner Allan Wind, Denmark.
Ski rack from year 1958, NOS in box,
owner Jaso Sasaki, Finland.
Late 50's - early 60's skirack,
owner Aki Ruohonen, Finland.
Judson magneto, owner
Kai Aulankoski, Finland.
Special faceplate for inserting later
radio to split window dash,
owner Kai Aulankoski, Finland.
'51-'52 model Hazet toolkit,
owner Kai Aulankoski, Finland.
Reserve fuel can for spare tire,
owner Kai Aulankoski, Finland.
NOS in box, rear air intake
chrome set in pieces.
Early 50's Bosch foglight, owner
Jaso Sasaki, Finland.
NOS in box, Blaupunkt Bremen ATR for
1964 VW 1500/1500S. Owner
Jaso Sasaki, Finland.
Steering wheel cover from late 50's.
Cigarette lighter, 53-66.
Happich accessory grab handle.
Rear air intake chrome set, this
one is the model in pieces.
Pair of Swedish head rests from 60's,
owner Jaso Sasaki, Finland.
50's air guide, mounted to hood trim
and NOS Shell soap box from 50's,
the soap is still there...
Owner Jaso Sasaki, Finland.
Rare Bosch ditch light from early
60's, owner Jaso Sasaki, Finland.
NOS Hella foglights from early
60's, owner Jaso Sasaki, Finland.
NOS Hella backup light with
NOS Hella backup light switch!
Owner Jaso Sasaki, Finland.
140 km/h speedo with trip,
owner Jaso Sasaki, Finland.
Hella Le Mans 140 foglights from
early 70's. Owner Sakari Vuokila, Finland.
Our latest find, two 100000km badges.
Rare Hella backup light switch.
NOS Happich grab handle.
Two pairs of stone guards for headlights.
Talbot Racing mirror...
Owner Kai Aulankoski, Finland.
Hella spotlight with mirror,
NOS and still in box...
Owner Kai Aulankoski, Finland.
French-model bumper guard with rubber,
fits 1953-67.
Owner Kai Aulankoski, Finland.
Little different Hazet tool set.
Owner Kai Aulankoski, Finland.
Complete ambulance fan.
Owner Kai Aulankoski, Finland.
NOS Helphos spotlight, still in box!
Owner Kai Aulankoski, Finland.
50's cow-bar headlight frames.
Owner Kai Aulankoski, Finland.
Mid 50's dash handle.
Accessory gas pedal from mid 50's.
'38 Transauto folder
Owner Göran Thulin, Sweden.
Hazet wall set.
Owner Göran Thulin, Sweden.
HUMA horn button.
Photo by Pasi Hakala.
Petri steering wheel signal ring for oval.
Photo by Pasi Hakala.
This one was later sold by other
enthusiast to Canada...sorry.
Early Karmann Ghia roof rack.
Photo by Pasi Hakala.
Kunika horn clock.
Photo by Pasi Hakala.
Very rare VDM accessory steering wheel.
Hella fanfare horns.
Photo by Pasi Hakala.
Split window glove box doors. These doors are
manufactured by ACO company and made of
bakelite. Owner Djavadian Arash, France.

Vintage luggage stickers. Click on each sticker
to see it in original size. If you have color
printer you can print images and there it is,
you have stickers for your vintage suitcases,
they'll look great on roof rack!!!
Helphos spot light.
Two different split-window glove box door styles.
The upper glove box door (it's originally with
Christoffer-badge) was only an accessory, and
the lower doors were also accessories, but also
standard equipments in cabrios since 4/51. The
separate glove box door lock was stardard
equipment in cabrios since 10/52 and accessory
in other models.
52mm (fits glove box door) Motometer
fuel gauge in brown/beige colors.
Petri steeringwheel hornbutton, The Greek Lady.
By Jozsi Toth.
Distler Toy Car '50-'51. By Jozsi Toth.
Fifties Shell oil can and VW brake fluid can.
Marchal foglights from sixties.
Early fifties Bosch foglight.
Aeb reverse light from sixties.

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