15.7.2004 Photos from Mantorp BugRun #21, 11-13.6.2004, thanks to Sebastian Vuorisalo.
12.12.2003 It's long time from last update... Something now at 'Our VW's' and 'About us'.
2.8.2002 Some photos about Bug Run #19-meeting (6-8.6.2002 in Mantorp Park, Sweden), in Shows-section.
10.7.2002 I've been very busy and haven't had time for updates. I've had also some problems with server, and this site has been down quite often. New featured car, My '55 shitbox-oval.
21.5.2001 Barndoor deluxe, split window beetle and late 50's panel van added to Rusty VW's.
12.4.2001 Black Kunika horn clock added to Nice Items. Recently found '56 Ambulance added to Gallery.
26.3.2001 Very rare mirror-clock added to Nice Items, thanks to Carsten Reeder.
25.1.2001 Featured car of the month: My '63 winter-Standard.
17.1.2001 Right-click mouse disabled...
23.10.2000 Some new ads added to Classifieds-section.
5.10.2000 Featured car of the month: Jyri's '60 Rotmans-panel.
8.9.2000 New stuff added to Nice Items, thanks to Carsten Reeder.
7.9.2000 '53-'55 oval added to Rusty VW's.
10.8.2000 Jere's cool '61 Inva-RHD Square window added to Gallery.
9.8.2000 '52 Kleinbus, '54 oval, '57 oval, '59 and '67 square windows and '64 Karmann Ghia added to Gallery.
8.8.2000 '58 bug and '66 cabrio added to Rusty VW's, photos by Arnaud Pariset, France.
26.7.2000 '58 Karmann Ghia Cabrio and Typ 3 Karmann Ghia added to Gallery, thanks to Michael Lesmana, Indonesia.
12.7.2000 '51/'52 split-window added to Rusty VW's. '55 and '56 ovals added to Gallery.
16.6.2000 Our new beauty, march 1955 Krankenwagen (ambulance) added to Our VW's-section. Coming soon: complete story and more photos about this all-original babe with only about 10000 kilometers on the clock...
14.6.2000 124 photos about Bug Run #17-meeting (10-11.6.2000 in Mantorp Park, Sweden), in Shows-section. Photos by Heikki Jaakkola, Finland and Jan Andersson, Finland.
22.5.2000 Photos about Brezelfenstervereinigung spring meet, Wolfsburg, Germany, added to Shows-section. Photos by Roland Guede.
14.4.2000 '49 and '52 split-windows added to Gallery and '53 panel van added to Rusty VW's. Some rare stuff added to Nice Items, thanks to Morten A. Lund, Norway.
24.3.2000 New link, Carstens Classic Volkswagenpages.
12.3.2000 Introduction about Fuba Racing mirror in Accessories. Some stuff added to Nice Items.
3.3.2000 '51, '64, '67 bugs and '67 kleinbus added to Gallery.
20.2.2000 In autumn 1968 finnish car magazine "Tekniikan Maailma" organized a competition about designing a camper interior to Volkswagen bus. In 1969 they introduced few of those almost 300 plans that people sent to them. Three of those articles added to Literature-section, to subfolder "Other", in Finnish only (sorry).
15.2.2000 '50, '51, '52, '55, '55 sunroof, '63 and '65 steel sunroof bugs added to Gallery.
8.2.2000 Few barndoors added to Rusty VW's, lots of projects and beauties added to Gallery, and some new stuff in Nice Items.
13.1.2000 '63 and '67 kastenwagens and '65 bug added to Rusty VW's.
11.1.2000 Zwitter split added to Gallery, owner Drew Chamberlain.
9.1.2000 Some beauties added to Rusty VW's, '51 split, '56 and '61 panel vans.
2.1.2000 Chocolate brown 1950 split window added to Gallery.
19.12.1999 Some new stuff in Accessories - site, Petri- and Maico-sites added, Helphos-site is still under construction. Beautiful '52 Sunroof Split added to Gallery, owner Bengt Holmén, Sweden.
15.12.1999 Classic Finnish VW's is now GuteFahrt.com, with url: http://gutefahrt.com, the previous http://www.hit.fi/~mheikkil works also. Really rusty split window beetle added to Rusty VW's, thanks to Anssi Matero, Finland.
7.12.1999 More photos about my fathers Highroof, some new photos in Nice Items.
5.12.1999 My fathers Grossraum Kastenwagen (Highroof) added to Our VW's.
30.11.1999 Totally new Our VW's -page, with our new '52 and '60 bugs.
29.11.1999 Very nice unrestored '58 added to Gallery.
25.11.1999 New section - "Technical", color codes, standard tool sets etc. VW Library moved straight under main site, and it's now just Literature-section.
22.11.1999 Early 50's Grundig added to Radios, thanks to Dustin Howell, USA. Lots of new photos in Nice Items and Rusty VW's, thanks to Carsten Reeder, Germany.
21.11.1999 Beautiful '56 and '58 beetles added to Gallery, NOS ski rack added to Nice Items, thanks to jim Buys, USA. Also some new stuff added to Hazet-site, thanks to Carsten Reeder, Germany.
16.11.1999 1960 Typ1 and Karmann Ghia Test Drive added to Literature-section, thanks to Jyri Karttunen, Finland.
16.11.1999 New Test Drives in Literature-section, Typ3 Karmann Ghia test drive 1962, Typ3 1500S introduction 1964 and Typ2 Kleinbus test drive 1970.
12.11.1999 Some new stuff in Nice Items.
27.10.1999 Some new stuff in Nice Items, thanks to Allan Wind, Denmark.
20.10.1999 '57 oval added to Gallery, LOTS of nice stuff added to Nice Items.
13.10.1999 Two new vintage main photos added, US Military barndoor kombi, and several US Military barndoor pick-ups, thanks to Andrew Payne, USA.
12.10.1999 Really rusty oval added to Rusty VW's - section, many thanks to Mike Owen. Beautiful sea blue '64 Karmann Cabriolet, owner Joe Macedo, Brazil, and '49 standard split, owner Carlos Guzman, USA, added to Gallery.
30.9.1999 Have you ever seen or even heard about NOS car radio? I heard about one and had an opinion to photograph it. So there it is, in Nice Items, NOS in box, Blaupunkt Bremen ATR for 1964 Volkswagen 1500/1500S.
28.9.1999 Black project '58 and nice '63 added to Gallery.
25.9.1999 Totally new Classifieds-section, now only for 1938-1957 and 1958-1967 vintage Volkswagens and parts.
21.9.1999 Some new stuff in Nice items, accessories fitted to '60 bug, that we just bought...
13.9.1999 Lots of new stuff in Nice items, thanks to Jaso Sasaki, Finland.
7.9.1999 All new, updated linksite.
30.8.1999 Lots of new stuff, our latest finds, in Nice Items. '60 and '61 kastenwagens added to Gallery.
22.8.1999 Blaupunkt Bremen added to Vintage Radios, thanks to Jim Buys, USA. Also lots of new stuff in Nice Items.
21.8.1999 More story and lots of photos about Kamei Aerofix front spoiler, many, many thanks to Carsten Reeder, Germany. '52 Standard Split added to Rusty VW's and beautiful '63 bug added to Gallery..
2.8.1999 Great '53 oval with lots of accessories and nice rusty '54 panel van added to Gallery.
23.7.1999 Beautiful unrestored '50 Hebmüller cabriolet added to Gallery, owner Andy Spilkoman, USA.
22.7.1999 Beautiful '58 Karmann Ghia added to Gallery, owner Jyri Karttunen, Finland.
16.7.1999 Late 60's - early 70's Abarth muffler added to Abarth - site, thanks to Tero Virta, Finland.
15.7.1999 Nice '63 bug added to Gallery.
13.7.1999 Some new photos about our '64 beetle.
9.7.1999 Abarth and Express sites added to accessories, check out those great 50's tuning parts, cool... Also couple of great links added.
30.6.1999 Kamei site added to accessories.
24.6.1999 Lots of photos about Bug Run #16-meeting (12-13.6.1999 in Mantorp Park, Sweden), in Shows-section.
10.6.1999 Really cool '52 kleinbus added to Gallery, owner Kai Aulankoski, Finland.
2.6.1999 Nice oval from New Zealand added to Gallery.
29.5.1999 Some new photos about our '62 Kastenwagen.
27.5.1999 Banner added, VWoddstock-festival 4-6.6.1999 in Karjaa, southern Finland.
21.4.1999 Some new stuff in Nice items.
3.4.1999 New section, "Vintage Photo Gallery".
3.4.1999 Two barndoors added to Gallery.
1.4.1999 New photos about type2's in Gallery.
31.3.1999 Some great photos about 1950 Tatraplan in Rusty VW's, thanks to Řystein Asphjell, Norway.
24.3.1999 Lots of new stuff in VW Library, Oval, Zwitter, Square window and Karmann Cabriolet sales brochures, VW maps etc. Thanks to Bengt Holmén, Sweden and Tero Virta, Finland!
15.3.1999 Lots of new great photos in Gallery, for example '52 ambulance, '63 sonderbus etc. Also some new photos in Rusty VW's, thanks to Hans-Jürgen Liecks, Finland, and Vilho Pihlajamaa, Finland,
7.3.1999 New section: Special including several different Special Bodies from 50's.
6.3.1999 Lots of new stuff in VW Library, Test drives (356 carreras, ovals, barndoors), also vintage "Ads" - section added, original VW ads from late 40's - late 50's.
5.3.1999 At last "Antennas" - site completed to Vintage Radios.
25.2.1999 Biggest update since 2.6.1998!!! New sections: Vintage Radios including about 50 different 50's and 60's radios. Accessories, which is still under construction, including now just "hazet" and "judson" - pages. Also new Classifieds - site, please place your ads again.
23.2.1999 Lots of new stuff in VW Library, '49 Swedish sales brochure, '50 Swedish sales brochure, '50-'52 German sales brochure, '52 HANDCOLORED!!! Swedish sales brochure, thanks to Bengt Holmén, Sweden!
23.2.1999 New "Sara's Toys and More" - site added to links.
15.2.1999 '54 deluxe microbus added to Gallery, owner Rikki James, England.
12.2.1999 Lots of new stuff in VW Library, '54 type 2 sales brochure, '49 type 1 owners manual and '50 Servicing price list. Lots of thanks to Bengt Holmén, Sweden!
10.2.1999 Nice '57 Karmann Cabriolet added to Gallery and new great photo on Rusty VW's, thanks to Bengt Holmén, Sweden.
8.2.1999 Lots of new great cars in Gallery, for example '54 deluxe barndoor, '64 highroof, '63 double door panel van, '66 double cab, very nice '73 bug and orange 1200 bug.
5.2.1999 New "Der Zwitter" - site added to links.
3.2.1999 Beautiful azure blue '52 zwitter split added to gallery.
1.2.1999 Dec. '52 zwitter split added to gallery.
29.1.1999 Beautiful '52 Karmann Cabriolet added to gallery.
28.1.1999 New oval in gallery. Temperature in northern Finland today is - 50 Celsius degrees !!! and in southern Finland only 25 Celsius degrees below zero...
27.1.1999 Couple of new links.
15.1.1999 For sale: '46 SPLIT!!!
13.1.1999 War-time VW's - site added to gallery with photo about '44 Schwimmwagen, owner Klaus Dieter Schnur.
7.1.1999 Two new photos about KG's added to gallery.
30.12.1998 '46 Split !!! found in Finland, some photos in gallery...
18.12.1998 Couple of new links.
10.12.1998 Lots of new cool main pictures (356 Porsches, Karmann Ghias...), click Main page to refresh.
2.12.1998 Photos about Göran Thulin's beautiful sunroof split and oval in Gallery, new photos in Nice Items.
2.12.1998 Photo about '62 Highroof added to Gallery, the car is for sale now!
27.11.1998 Classic Finnish VW's is moved back...sorry! The working URL:s are: http://vw.fiiu.org, http://fly.to/vw and http://www.hit.fi/~mheikkil
20.11.1998 Classic Finnish VW's is moved, the new address is: http://vw.fiiu.org. Previous addresses work also. Lots of new main pictures, click Main page to refresh.
12.11.1998 Some photos about our new car, '64 bug. Rusty VW's site added, check it! Lots of new photos in Nice items, some VW photos taken during our holiday in Tunisia, check them! Also some new photos about us.
11.11.1998 Some new barndoor photos in Gallery.
23.10.1998 Some new photos in Gallery and Nice items.
16.9.1998 New photos about our '62 beetle and '62 kastenwagen.
10.9.1998 Vintage luggage stickers in Nice items and lots of little updates.
8.9.1998 New really cool mainpicture, alcohol-testing in fifties and VW mysterious car, maybe Rometsch (late-model dash). Thanks to Allan Wind, Denmark! Click here to see the photo!
3.9.1998 Gallery totally rebuilt, some new photos.
13.8.1998 Photos about NOS! Judson and some new Judson stuff on Judson site.
10.8.1998 Shows site added, great photos from IVVM meet, england. Classic Finnish VW's is out of space, 10MB is full! Photos of "shows" -site moved to another server.
7.8.1998 Forsale and wanted -sites rebuilt. Now you can place your ad, no need to e-mail ads to me.
4.8.1998 Now my site loads much more faster ; more main photos, different photo every time you load my site!
28.7.1998 New link, and at last a Guestbook!
12.7.1998 Couple of new great photos in gallery!
9.7.1998 Couple of new great links!
3.7.1998 Easier to remember, new V3-URL to my site: fly.to/vw. Previous www.hit.fi/~mheikkil works also.
18.6.1998 Couple of new links.
2.6.1998 Frames and new mainpicture added.
1.6.1998 Some new literature in new photos on Literature, one new item in Nice Items site, couple of new photos added to Gallery.
24.5.1998 Couple of new photos on Nice Items site.
18.5.1998 Several great ads and service maps added to Literature, couple of photos added to Gallery, Nice Items site added.
12.5.1998 I'm back again. Couple of ads added to forsale and wanted. And our new car, '67 Kasten with sliding door Click here to see it
31.3.1998 Couple of nice barndoor photos added to gallery.Go there!
30.3.1998 New link added, "Die Bulli Berater" Rogers barndoor-site
16.3.1998 Couple of photos added to gallery. Gallery layout totally rebuild.
13.3.1998 Gallery site added.
12.3.1998 What's new site added.

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